Journal of Writing & Environment


We at Flyway are here to help you bring in the spring with our newest publication cycle, featuring: Poetry by Bradley Harrison, Brian Simoneau, and Sandra Marchetti, Nonfiction by Summer Wood, Nicole Santalucia, and Barbara Mellin, Fiction by Erica Stern and Artwork by Margarita Gokun and Scott Brennan.

So first get some electricity flowing through the visual side of your brain with eye-popping imaginative art by Gokun and Brennan.

After you’re charged, Marchetti will take you out to the garden with her poem “Orange Bouquet,” and Simoneau will take you into the wind in his poem “One to Another.”  You can ogle sculptures through the eyes of Harrison in his poem “Erosion on the Trail of Whispering Giants” and join a few scientists in hot Death Valley air with Wood’s “How To Love This World.” Then dream of taking a spring break trip to Rome with Mellin’s “Embracing Eternity.”

If at this point you feel you need a reality check, make yourself squirm in the dentist’s chair with Stern’s “Teeth,” and take a trying trip back in time with Santalucia in her memoir “Four Vignettes.”

But it doesn’t really matter in what order you enjoy our new content—just enjoy it!