Journal of Writing & Environment

December 2013: New Content!

Flyway is proud to bring you our last new content of 2013!

        * Poetry from Kristi Moos, David Starkey, and  Lisa J. Cihlar
        * Nonfiction from Zoe Cummings Resch
        * Fiction from Moira Moody
        * Visual Art from Dmitry Borshch and Brian Kasstle

As we’re moving into December the days grow colder and shorter, and I always find myself growing a little desperate from all the snow. Our content this month mirrors and magnifies this desperation. From sad island tragedies in “Kinmen Knife” and “Castle Bravo” to musings about “the end of the world” in “Sunday Morning”  and a bear mauling “desperate salmon” in “In the Company of a Bear, a Crow, and a Big Black Dog Named Moony” to the felling of eighty-year-old pines in “Interstice: The White Pine Story, ” the content this month deals with loss and destruction.

So perhaps, if you’re sick with too much holiday cheer, and need a poetic glimpse into the tragedies of the world elsewhere, take a gander at Flyway‘s content this month.