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Flight Patterns is announcing its first ever Twitter Contest—we’re calling it Flutterings.

Flutterings are breaths of fresh air, chances to pause and create. And so are these micro essays, pithy short shorts and tiny poems. Follow us at @Flyway_Journal to see submissions, and submit your own work at #FlutterContest.

If you’re not yet tuned into the Twittersphere, now is a good time to join and see what all the buzz about.

We will post our favorite Tweets each Friday on our blog. Here are some of the lovely Flutterings from this week:

1). Laryssa Wirstiuk ‏@ryssiebee

I’d get angry when a dream dictionary couldn’t define my dream.Now I Google into a self-fulfilling answer.

2).Ana ‏@TigerVida

Adorned with black rose crowns,we hitched a ride to watch the fire dimming into dawn.

3).Sarah E. Shields ‏@saraheshields

There are misfit birds out my window, drawing the hummingbirds. Paradise must miss them.

4) Kelly Morse ‏@kmorsewriter

The ash berries

have donned party hats of snow

for you, forever guest of honor

at winter’s surprise party


One response to “Flutterings”

  1. ryssiebee says:

    Thanks for choosing my tweet!