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Chapbook Winner and Runner-Up Chosen

There was some tough competition in the chapbook contest–but we’ve finally picked our winner and runner-up. We’ll post more information about that in the next couple of days, after the winner and runner-up are both notified. To everyone who submitted, but was not chosen, we are glad we had the chance to read your work. If you provided a SASE, we plan to provide at least a little personal feedback.

Thank you to everyone who gave us the opportunity to read your work!

3 responses to “Chapbook Winner and Runner-Up Chosen”

  1. Frances P. Davis says:

    Thank you for your bracing rejection of my chapbook entry. It encourages me to try harder next time. But, hey, I did provide an SASE, but there was no “little personal feedback” on your form letter. That would have been most welcome!

    • Frances – Since we (the staff) did not see the envelopes, your SASE must have gotten lost in the shuffle. I know I wrote personal feedback to everyone whose entry was tagged as having an SASE. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the feedback.

  2. Roberta Feins says:

    Please announce the winners….another month has passed