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Flyway Editorial Update: Happy Open-Submission Season!

Hello Friends of Flyway!

The submission season is open again, and the editors at Flyway are already loving the submissions we’ve been getting — keep them coming!

A Reminder of “What We’re Looking For”:
At Flyway, each of our editors has his or her own personal style and preferences for what we like to read. So whatever style narration you write — experimental, single scene, third or first or second person — we’d love to read it. As a “journal of writing and environment,” we are always on the look out for writers who seek to explore or redefine concepts of place in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. But don’t be fooled — we recognize several interpretations of what it means to publish writing concerned with the environment.

To read more about what we are looking for, and to learn a little more about other “environmentally-minded” journals, check out our Managing Editor’s contribution on “Journals of Writing and Environment” in The Review Review.

This year, Flyway has a new editorial staff. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing each of the new genre editors (you might already know a little bit about them if you’ve read the Summer Reading Suggestions). With the new staff, there are a few new changes you can expect as a reader, subscriber, and.or submitter:

Anthology Update: We are working hard to get the 2011-2012 Flyway Anthology out to all of our subscribers as soon as we can. Be on the lookout for more news. Just a reminder — Flyway publishes online biannually, in addition to an annual “best of” print anthology. When you subscribe, you receive access to our online issues as well as the year’s anthology.

Notes From the Field Contest: Soon, we will be announcing submissions for our “Notes From the Field” nonfiction contest. Every year, we get lots of wonderful entries, and our winner gets a cash prize in addition to publication. Stay tuned for more information!

NOW SEEKING: Visual Art Submissions: We are now accepting submissions for cover and interior art for our Fall/Winter 2012-13 online issue. Please see submishmash for more details.


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