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Flyway’s Weekly Updates

Hey there, blog enthusiasts! Here are Flyway’s updates for this week:

1. We’re still looking for your poetry chapbook submissions for our Hazel Lipa Chapbook contest! Get published, win money and prosper.

2. Find our table at AWP. Look for our awesome paper-mache tree, stop by for some freebies,  get information on subscriptions, and tell us who you are — we want to know!

3. Are you an artist or photographer? Looking for a way to get your work out there? Flyway wants YOUR art submissions for the cover of our upcoming Spring 2011 issue. Please send all inquiries to! Attach your submission and write a cover letter in the body of the email. Submit before 3/20. We’re especially looking for art with a focus on place and environment — up for all interpretation.

Oh — and, have you found us on twitter? @flyway_journal