Journal of Writing & Environment

January 2014: New Content!

Flyway is pleased to bring you our first new content of 2014.

*  Poetry by Oet, Hanson, and D’Andrea
*  Nonfiction by Troisi and McNally
*  Fiction by Thomann
*  Art by Nierenberg and Nodopaka

This January, the Flyway editors saw record cold temperatures here in Iowa. So it seems appropriate that this month’s crop of work pulls us (mostly) elsewhere to (somewhat) warmer climes. Peruse our work and travel to New York with a porcupine in Oet’s poem “Hookey”, or count antelopes in Wyoming in Hanson’s poem “Landscape Art.” Travel to New Hampshire in Troisi’s stirring essay, “Until the Morning Comes” and D’Andrea’s Home Voices* winning poem, “Rock Wall, New Hampshire.” Explore Lava Beds in California with John Muir and the Modoc Indians in McNally’s essay, “When John Muir Missed the Center of the World.” Return back to Iowa in Thomann’s Home Voices*, Runner-Up story, “Flood Gap,” and explore the oceans with Nodopaka’s whimsical fish compositions. Finally, go internal and contemplate the nature of womanhood with Nieremberg’s dynamic and moving visual art.


*Every year Flyway runs the Home Voices Contest where a guest judge chooses a winner and runner-up from work by the MFA graduate students at ISU. This year’s judge was Elizabeth Bradfield, who is the founder and editor-in-chief of Broadsided Press and author of Approaching Ice.