Journal of Writing & Environment


Hello, readers! Know how to beat the dog days this summer? Seat yourself in your cave-like living room or chilly cubicle, sip on a crisp drink, and surf the Internet — or, surf our Internet, We have some new content this July that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Most pressingly, the winning and second-place stories of our annual Sweet Corn Short Fiction Contest are featured right now on the site! Winner Mike Alberti’s piece “The Gully” introduces us to boys growing up the hard way in rural Colorado. Runner-up Laura Price Steele’s piece “Going It Alone” brings us into the world of a young woman at an intersection with mortality. Believe it, you do not want to miss these excellent stories.

But there’s a lot more you don’t want to miss in Flyway this publication cycle. We have bees, boas, and alligator gar in our fabulous new nonfiction — Alison Townsend’s “A Jar of Wisconsin Honey,” Daniel Hudon’s “The Recovery Plan for the Round Island Burrowing Boa (Bolyeria multocarinata),” and Mark Spitzer’s “Enter the Next Generation.” And we have Georgia O’Keefe, big cats, and ghost towns in our outstanding new poetry, and it’s all double or nothing — two poems by Jessica Jacobs, two poems by Michael Pontacoloni, and two poems by Justin Runge.

Last but never, ever least, you ought to take the time to contemplate our stunning new visual art, by Elizabeth Castaldo.