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Flyway T-Shirts

Flyway ShirtWe have Flyway t-shirts, printed on 100% organic cotton. The color of the t-shirts is “natural” which means that¬†they are a slightly beige color.¬†They’re pretty cool (and very soft!), if we do say so ourselves and they help support our magazine. Get yours today! Visit our main Flyway website for more information on ordering these shirts! This is what the t-shirt design looks like on the front–right now we mostly have the red-print, but there are still a few with a brown tree image as well, if you prefer that. Order soon so we’ll know if we need to place another order this semester or not.

This past weekend, one of our staff members (John, nonfiction editor) was out on some property the Creative Writing department owns, building a stone bridge across a creek and guess what he was wearing–his Flyway t-shirt (image to come soon)!

In fact, one of our previous contest winners, Derek Sheffield, even sent us video footage of him reading his poetry and wearing his Flyway t-shirt. This seems like as good a time as any to say Thank You, Derek! We appreciate all you do to support Flyway.