Journal of Writing & Environment

March 2014: New Content

Hello from AWP Seattle! Flyway is proud to bring you new work for March 2014.

As always the work here will take you places near and far. Our Notes from the Field Winner, “Mother, I Dream of Home” explores South Korea and the Gambia, while our Notes from the Field Runner-Up will take you to distant stretches of Russia in “What to Expect when You’re Expecting.” You can also view artwork inspired by Turkey from Merriweather.

You’ll be dragged back to the US, to a more urban setting in Sumpter’s poem “Urban Phone Pole,” Greenwell’s poem “Fourth of July, Brooklyn” and McAllister’s story “Lump Sum.”  You’ll leave the urban and retreat to nature with Kwasny’s “The Emerging Field of Image Theory” featuring the pines of Montana and photography from Virginia by Witte.


So check our new content:

-Notes from the Field winning nonfiction from Han (winner) and Davis (runner-up)

-Poetry by Sumpter, Greenwell, and Kwasny

-Fiction by McAllister

-Art by Witte and Merriweather