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New Content February 2015

Shore Road Writers Cabins, 2013 by Nicola Beuscher

Dear Readers,

Flyway is excited to post new content for winter 2015! Place and belonging are the twin themes linking this month’s content—what it means to belong to a place, to be an outsider, or to feel like an outsider in your own home.

In non-fiction, we bring you the 2014 Notes from the Field winner and runner-up. Our winning entry is Susannah Clark’s “House Blend,” a delicate and engrossing essay about the Boston Marathon bombings that weaves together the author’s experiences working in a coffee shop in Inman Square—an up-and-coming neighborhood in Cambridge where both the author and the Tsarnaev brothers lived—with ruminations on place, community and belonging. Our runner-up, “Usciolu” by Suzanne Menghraj, explores similar themes: in her essay—part travelogue, part memoir—a hiking trip through Corsica gives Menghraj a lens through which to explore racism and human connection.

In poetry, we have spare, beautiful poems by Kathleen Kirk and Rachel Morgan that discover startling revelations in the natural world. Finally, in fiction we bring you a short story from Eric Maus about displacement, as a young man wanders Heidelberg with the night’s temporary drinking companions, looking for love, or simply connection.

In art, we have photographs by Nicola Beuscher exploring the lonely landscape of Cape Cod in the winter, haunting and empty without its tourists, and a macro- and micro-view of the world—planets, plants, and plasma—from artist Jake Ford.

And don’t forget the Flyway blog, where we’ll be posting book reviews, web roves and interviews to keep you sated between new issues. You won’t want to miss poetry editor Samantha Futhey’s great interview with Alison Hawthorne Deming, published last Thursday.

We hope you enjoy this issue’s new content!

And finally, a word to our readers: Changes are afoot here at Flyway! You may have noticed a break in our normal six-week publication cycle. That’s because Flyway is moving toward a new publication schedule: We’ll be putting out four quarterly issues a year, with special issues released in the summer and winter. We hope this shift will allow us not only to continue to offer the best poetry, non-fiction, fiction and art exploring place and environment on the web, but also give us the flexibility to seek out exciting new voices and produce theme issues built around various artistic and environmental questions.

We at Flyway are excited about our new content, our new direction, and, as always, you: Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think about the new issue in the comments.


Liz Giorgi

Managing Editor