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The Weekly Web Rove: New Kids on the Writer’s Block

Philip Roth is getting a PBS documentary, George Saunders just published a new short story collection Tenth of December, and David Sedaris is getting a film adaptation. The established writers (and retirees) and starting off 2013 strong. But I want to hone in on new talent this week, get a glimpse at the writers that’ll be lining your bookshelves in ten years (or hopefully less!). You’ll be able to tell your friends with a hipster-esque pride that you read these writers before the book tours and accolades.

“Personal Statement” poetry by Claire Sylvester Smith (in Gulf Coast). Smith is an emerging poet whose work is forthcoming in Boston Review, Colorado Review, and Barn Owl. “A darkling mechanical/sense lives within me and asks to see the ceilings of my church…”

An Interview with the 2012 Gulf Fiction Prize Winner, Geetha Iyer (in Gulf Coast)
While we’re on Gulf Coast, I can’t help notice the interview with the winner of the 2012 Gulf Fiction Prize. Did I mention that winner is Iowa State University’s own Geetha Iyer? Read along to hear Iyer discuss her short story “The Glass World Builder” with Gulf Coast Senior Editorial Assistant Kim Vera.

“The First Time I Had Sex, My Mouth Was Numb” nonfiction by Kyra Anderson (in Brevity).
Anderson teaches us the power of attention grabbing titles with her short non-fiction piece. The piece is an endearing account of losing her virginity after visiting the dentist’s office. Her work has appeared in Tiny Lights and Flash Fiction.

“Pamachapuka,” fiction by Jon Steinhagen (in Bodega)
Steinhagen refers to himself as a playwright first, but his story in the excellent new online magazine Bodega is a short, funny piece about moving the unmovable. When a giant glacial boulder begins to move, it and its history take a toll in two interwoven narratives.

These are just a few of the talented men and women carving out their place in the arena of letters. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more from each of them in the future. Continue reading Flyway blog for more fledgling talent and established hard hitters. See you next week!