Journal of Writing & Environment


Chilly fall weather and the growing darkness have you huddling inside? Open up the latest edition of Flyway and let the electricity of our new content exhilarate you from head to toe.

Whet your artistic palate with our fresh visual art. Kristi Beisecker creates scintillating photograms by exposing organic objects to electricity and capturing the interaction on photosensitive paper. And take your time with Laurence Holden’s abstract paintings, which seem to glow from the inside.

On our poetic front, Donna Vorreyer takes you to the modern countryside in her poem “Foreclosure Pastoral.” Kirby Snell ponders a pelican carcass in “Pelecanus occidentalis.” And Kat Lewis prods the make-up of our intimate relationships in “We Are on Vacation” and “Our Lady of the Rockies Suddenly Reminds Me of You.”

On our prose front, fiction writer Elizabeth Rodriguez tells a tale you can’t stop reading in her short story “Three.” It’s about immigration, abuse, refuge, and hard choices. We have a special nonfiction feature by Cristina Eisenberg, judge of our 2014 Notes from the Field Nonfiction Contest (open for submissions until November 10). She writes about the science of climate change through the lens of old-growth forests in her essay “Environmental Writing and the Ecology of Hope.” Also in nonfiction, Sarah Robinson investigates the human perception of place during her travels through the American Southwest in “The Space of Desire.” And Mike LeSuer skewers pop culture’s infringement upon nature in “The Implicit Dangers of the Rogue Juice Box.”

We at Flyway deeply believe we’re publishing exciting, innovative, marvelous work, so please join us in celebrating it. Read on!