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That’s All Folks – A Welcome to the New Editors and a Wrap up for the Blog

Hello to our lovely readers,

Well, it’s that time again when Flyway’s current editors step down and are replaced with the next gleaming bunch of enthusiastic editors.

We’ve had a great year, so here’s a big thank you to all of our readers and contributors! This year marks our first full year completely online and with our new website, so we’re excited to see where the journal will grow from here.

This is also the time when Flyway’s blog, Flight Patterns, shuts down for the summer. But don’t worry, we’ll be back up and ready to go with new content on September 1st.

In the meantime, we’re still publishing new poetry, prose, and art every six weeks at

If you’re hungering for some good content to read, please check out our recent interviews with Natalie Diaz, K. L. Cook, and Kevin Brockmeier.

Have a great summer!


Michelle Donahue

Outgoing Managing Editor