Journal of Writing & Environment


Whether your weather is unseasonably warm, unseasonably cold, or just plain seasonable, our new publication cycle is sure to add some scintillating seasoning to your December days.

This month we’re featuring excellent poetry by Caitlin Scarano and Karen An-hwei Lee that will take you from farmlands to Yellowstone to the site of a California mission. We also have compelling nonfiction by Deborah Bauer and Maggie E. Pahos — come to the intense inner city with Bauer and flee to a meditative retreat with Pahos. And we are featuring two marvelous short fiction pieces by John Estes. Join him on flights that will guide you deep into your own nature.

So please take a few moments of your mornings or noons or nights and enjoy these marvelous creative forces, collected and published expressly for your enjoyment and evocation!