Journal of Writing & Environment

First Ever Monthly Inkling!

March Topic: Bread and Butter

How It Works: Each month we’ll post a topic. A short phrase, a line, a picture.  Write something based on that topic. Take the topic literally or figuratively.  Take the topic to a nice lunch.   Just remember to bring it back. We want to read your work.

Short topics call for short writing.  Keep to drabble  (fiction or nonfiction, 100-word maximum), or send us a poem.  Please send one submission once a month to  Submissions due March 31st at midnight Central Time.

The Perks: Think of Monthly Inklings as an excuse to write, a chance to experiment with style and have fun. At the end of each month we, the editors, will choose three winners, all of whom will have their pieces featured on the Flyway website ( for the following month when new winners are chosen.  Winners will also be posted on the blog.  We reserve First American print and electronic rights to the winning pieces for six month.