Journal of Writing & Environment

Issue 12.3

I know, I know, you’re beginning to wonder when that next issue of Flyway will be arriving in your hands. Well, the best I can tell you is: soon! It’s taken a bit longer than I expected to get the latest issue to the printer, but I think it will be well worth the wait. We’re hoping that it will be back from the printer by late March/early April and we’re well on our way to building the next issue!

So what is it that a Flyway editor does? In other words, why does it take us so long to respond to you? The answer: Flyway is an act of love for each of us. We’re also full-time graduate students in the Creative Writing & Environment program at Iowa State University and we teach composition classes. And sometimes, we like your piece just enough to “sit on it.” This means we don’t want to reject you, but we’re not sure that what you’ve given us is strong enough for the magazine. In these cases, sometimes we ask for a revision.

We like to work with you to make sure that you’re as happy with your revised work as we are when we publish it. Because we know that ultimately, the work is yours and without you authors, we simply could not exist.

Thank you for your continued patience, interest, and support!

– Liz, Managing Editor

One response to “Issue 12.3”

  1. Hans Lillegard says:

    Flyway Journal, a Literary Review

    Is a quality publication. Thank You (the editors) for all that you do.