Journal of Writing & Environment

June 2014: New Content!

Flyway is excited to deliver an arsenal of fantastic, fresh content this month! Come read and ogle: poetry by Ori Fienberg, Molly Kugel Merkner, and Jonathan H. Scott; fiction by Robert Kostuck; nonfiction by Megan Schikora, Brendan Buzzard, and Mark Rozema; and visual art by Danelle Stamps and Tara Shukla.

The pieces we’re publishing this cycle are a bit of a grab bag, and you can’t lose. Rozema shares his thoughts on rapture and the Rapture in his nonfiction story aptly titled “Rapture.” Kostuck invites you into the supernatural world of his narrator in his fiction piece “Strength.” Travel to the African desert with Buzzard in his nonfiction piece “The Trouble With Drought” and come of age in Detroit with Schikora in her nonfiction story “What Broke In the Move.”

If poetry floats your boat, you won’t be able to keep yourself from reading Scott’s charming “Making Baby Raccoons of Us All,” based on the title alone. Imagine a house drowning in honey in Fienberg’s “Where the Bees Are Going,” and renew your sense of history with Kugel Merkner in “Footfalls.” Then wrap it up with evocative visual art — photographs from Stamps and drawings from Shukla.

The temperature is heating up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and there’s no better way to enjoy a gentle morning or afternoon than with some top notch art. So dive in! The water’s fine!