Journal of Writing & Environment

September 1: New Content & Submissions Open!

Lights on Chung KingWe have our new content up for September! We have fiction about artists and butterfly gangs, poetry about ghosts, roadkill,  dying girls, and more, and nonfiction exploring vultures and bones. Additionally, we have some gorgeous art that pushes the environment into the urban in ways that are both beautiful and surprising.

Now you can check out:

  • Poetry from Allison Cummings, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, and Gary Dop
  • Fiction from our Sweet Corn Short Fiction Winner, Kimberly Jean Smith and runner-up, Catherine Torres.
  • Nonfiction from Chelsea Biondolillo.
  • Art from Liz Brizzi



-We are now re-open to submissions! So send us your prose and poetry here because we’re looking forward to reading it.

-Congratulations to Adam Tavel who has a new chapbook, Red Flag Up which includes “Letter to Heiney Written on the Order Form of an L.L. Bean Catalog While Watching the Weather Channel” a poem that first appeared in Flyway. You can buy his chapbook now!

-Keep an eye out for our interview with our Sweet Corn Short Fiction Winner, Kimberly Jean Smith, which will be appearing on September 3.