Journal of Writing & Environment

Weekly Web Rove, 11/26 – 11/30

Hello friends of Flyway! We are excited to have just received our 2011-2012 Anthology…a long tim in the making. It turned out beautifully! Subscribers should prepare to get theirs in the mail sometime soon.

We’ve passed Thanksgiving and jumped headfirst into Christmas. Hopefully by now the food comas have worn off. Now try digesting some of these nonfiction and fiction picks from around the net in our latest Web Rove.


Writs of Possession” fiction by Benjamin Percy (in VQR)
An unsettling story that explores housing and the idea of “possession”–what a makes a space your own, or not? 

Indiana Library Finds..” nonfiction (article) by Nick Davies (in Melville House)
Christmas is coming up, and we hear carved-out hideaway books are the latest DIY-gift rage.  This article offers an even better idea– include an antique firearm! Our fiction editor, Lydia, is now researching ways to fit an 1800’s sawed-off shotgun inside a copy of No Country For Old Men. Her momma’s gonna be so happy this christmas.

What we Know” fiction by Liz Wyckoff (in fwriction)
This story about growing up and growing apart is a study in gorgeous language, lovely use of first person collective voice, and makes us think of summer–something we’re already missing and winter just started!

Redirect,” fiction by Kaethe Schwehn (in Pleiades)
This quietly paced story is perfectly fragmented and pitch-perfect in the way tone shifts subtly with each different character.

The Most Romantic Story Ever Told,” nonfiction by Aimee Bender (in LARB)
Aimee Bender writes a gorgeous musing over the process and prizes of transformation–beauty and the beast, Angela Carter, and online dating.