Journal of Writing & Environment

Weekly Web Rove week of 12/4

Walk the Walk” (from Grist)
It’s a week since Thanksgiving and you still feel full; well, how about emptying yourself by choosing to walk places within a 2-mile range? This writer took the time and effort. She considered going the distance an opportunity rather than a challenge.

We Are What We Eat” (from Gastronomica)
What does “natural” mean? Is it the same as “organic”? This article thoroughly retraces the legal history of labeling food.

Vegan Soul Food” (from the Oxford American)
Is it possible to have soul food without meat? Is tofu enough of a substitute? Find out what’s missing in this piece from the Fried Green Diaspora.

Eating Donuts with Michael Kimball” (from HTML Giant)
After reading about walking, health labels, and vegan food; don’t you just want a donut? Well have one as you read this camaraderous conversation with the author of Big Ray — a captivating, fragmentary novel from a son after his obese father’s death.

Takeout Trifecta” (from Lucky Peach’s issue on Chinatown)
Don’t forget the condiments! Here’s a background on the small popsicle-like packaging as well as the histories behind the fowl behind duck sauce, the tang of soy sauce, and the color yellow for mustard.