Journal of Writing & Environment

Week of Oct. 22 — One Haunted Web Rove

This week’s Flyway Web Rove features work that highlights our favorite themes of environment and place-based writing as usual — but we added a few pieces about hauntings, grotesqueries, tricks and treats to fit the October mood. Boo!


Medusa a poem by Stephanie Cawley (from The Collagist)
Who doesn’t love a poem about monsters? In this wonderfully dark, detail poem, Cawley  lets us in on the secret life of a familiar demon.
 Ant Killer a short story by Mikael Awake (from Juked)
To kill or be killed? That is the question. In this fun, twisted very short story, sometimes the question is more complicated than it seems.
I Married A Werewolf a short story by Gloria Garfunkel (from Fictionaut)
How well do you know the person you married? The narrator of this one is in for a real surprise.
Heart of a Bear a podcast of the short story by Ben Percy (from Orion)
A bear’s both empathetic and terrifying attempt to be human, read in the growly voice of one of the best contemporary writers blurring the line between genre and literary to craft captivating stories.
Fat an essay by Jamie Iredell (from theRumpus)
The narrator explores how his body size shaped him through family, relationships, dependency, violence, and currently, acceptance.
A Map of the World an essay by Jennifer De Leon (from Brevity)
The narrator goes to Guetamala to discover why her father would have wanted to live her family–like he said he would, but didn’t. In a library, she meets her inverse doppelgänger
A True-Tale of Disappearances an essay by Nikita Nelin (from Defunct)
The woven story of a Jewish mother and her young boy in Soviet Russia at the end of the Cold War. While the mother attends privileged parties, the boy stays at home listening to Soviet culture stories via rotary phone. Does disappearing mean staying and fading in place or leaving and fading out?

Interview with Michael Martone interviewed by Matthew Baker (from Hobart)
Is the literary rascal Michael Martone up to old tricks by using Matthew Baker as his interviewer or is Matthew Baker finally, actually interviewing Michael Martone?