Journal of Writing & Environment

—Yellowstone, August 2014


A herd of bison surrounded our car.

I stopped, gripping the wheel

like a weapon. The brute masculinity

of them. Green cud hanging

from their moan-shaped

mouths. Slaver, penis shafts. All

around us a pulsing. A baying.

Engorged belligerence. Males

jockeying for position

behind a chosen female. A line

of cars – galvanized. His head

minotaurish yet vaguely human.

I could imagine his face below

my torso, his massive skull

between my legs. Horn and thigh,

cream and stone. The sharpness

of feet. His half bearded body.

My boyfriend and his brother

in the car with me, rapt, growing

as men, taking up more

and more space. Muscular.

Blatant. Bent on.